In 2023, the video games market is projected to reach a revenue of US $249.60 bn*. How are Lean and Six Sigma used in game development? We’ll refer to two resources that discuss how to use Lean Six Sigma in game development and see a Lean Six Sigma job description from one of the major gaming providers. Then we’ll finish with a video on why triangles are key in video game development.



Lean Six Sigma and Eliminating Waste in Game Development


In a post titled “The Elimination of Waste: Lean Six Sigma applied toward Game Development” author Harvard Bonin discusses the use of Lean Six Sigma to eliminate waste in game development.

Harvard says, “In my experience, wasted opportunities are the single largest source of angst on teams.”

He lists the two deadly sins of

  • Communication Problems
  • Misaligned Expectations

He then does a very good job of listing the eight wastes and how each of them occurs in game development.

He next details the steps to be taken to eliminate the wastes.

You can access his post here.


Six Sigma and Game Development


Another post titled “Six Sigma and Game Development” discusses how Six Sigma would be used in game development.

The post includes:

  • Stages of Video Game Creation
  • DMAIC Phases Grouped into
    • Pre-production
      • Define: Game
      • Measure: Validate
      • Analyze: Difference
    • Production
      • Improve: Create
    • Post-Production
      • Control: Sustain

Each of the above is covered in some detail.

You can read the post here.


Lean Six Sigma Job from a Major Provider of Gaming, Lottery, and Digital Betting


This comprehensive job notice from a global provider is an indication of how serious they are about Lean Six Sigma application in their industry.

Lean Six Sigma Analyst/Business Process Improvement: A high-visibility project/program management role which provides leadership to Six Sigma initiatives across multiple functional areas.

The description includes:

  • Overview
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualifications
  • Preferred Qualification
  • Keys to Success

You can read the job post here.


Video Games and Triangles


See this interesting video from Vox on why video games are made of triangles.

You can watch the video here.




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