root cause analysis

Lean Six Sigma in Laboratory Management

Laboratories perform key analyses and are critical in medical, chemical, and other industries. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies aid in laboratory management. We’ll look at two applications from Turkey and the USA, and an article on the benefits of Lean and Lean Six Sigma in the clinical laboratory. We’ll finish with a video tour of [...]

Beyond the 5 Whys

We’re all familiar with the 5 Whys as a path for root cause analysis. But is it enough? What’s beyond the 5 Whys? Are there times they shouldn’t be used? Are there other alternatives? We’ll explore those questions and provide answers from experts. First, Paul Allen, Lean Six Sigma consultant of Allen and Partners Limited, [...]

Mind Mapping: A Perfect Application for Your Lean Six Sigma Project

In this YouTube video, Doug Neill gives a useful introduction to the construction of mind maps. A mind map is a graphical way to visualize and organize information. As such it is great for summarizing your Lean Six Sigma project, its core theme, and its elements. Your central topic or theme is the cornerstone of [...]

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