Warehouses are everywhere. How are some companies using Lean in their warehouses?

We will look at four:

  • Ryder
  • United Electric Supply
  • Regal Plastics

And finish with a 3 minute virtual tour of a Lean warehouse. 


INFILCO Degremont’s 3W Warehouse applied Lean management principles using A3 Problem-solving, 5S, and visual controls.

Their improvement project is discussed via background Information, current state, and target conditions

As part of the project, the team conducted a 5S event and developed standards for the 5S system.

You can watch INFILCO’s video here.

Before going on to the next company, Denver Public Health does a nice job of discussing the A3 Problem-solving tool used by INFILCO in this video:


Ryder takes us on a virtual tour of their Lean warehouses. Ryder manages over 40 million square feet of warehouse space.

You can watch their video here.

United Electric Supply

See how United Electric Supply implemented Lean at their Jessup warehouse.

You can view that video here.  

Regal Plastics

Joe Mendez of Regal Plastics showcases their Lean improvements with a tour of their Dallas warehouse.

You can view Regal Plastics’ video here.

Finally, let’s go on a 3 minute virtual tour overview of a 39 minute snapshot of Lean used to move 32,000 boxes and pallets a week with over 99.85% accuracy.

You can view the virtual tour here.