Lean and Six Sigma have a base in the vehicle industry. We’ll take a look at four applications: Vehicle Fleet Maintenance, U.S. Army Vehicle Maintenance, County Government Body Shop, and an overview of use in the trucking industry.

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance 

In an article titled “Application of Six Sigma Model on Efficient Use of Vehicle Fleet” authors Tatjana Stanivuk, Tamara Gvozdenović, Jelena Žanić Mikuličić and Vesko Lukovac discuss the use of Six Sigma and the DMAIC model to improve the efficiency of a vehicle fleet with a focus on maintenance costs among others.

The article covers the details from problem definition to the final control plan.

You can access their article here. 

U.S. Army Vehicle Maintenance

Mike Cast, U.S. Army Developmental Test Center (DTC) discusses how the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) applied Lean Six Sigma to its vehicle maintenance operation.

As a result of the Lean Six Sigma project discussed, “the cost avoidance from the fleet vehicle maintenance project enabled money to be reallocated to other operations within ATC”

While dated (2009) the article gives details of how this was accomplished. 

You can access the article here.

County Vehicle Body Shop Application

As more evidence of the use of Six Sigma in the vehicle industry, Miami-Dade County highlights an award-winning Six Sigma project that focused on reducing the time for fleet body repairs.

The well-done project presentation covers the details from project definition to lessons learned.

You can view the presentation here.  

Trucking Industry Use Overview

Transport Topics (TTNews) gives a brief overview of Lean and Six Sigma being applied in the trucking industry.

There are several companies mentioned in the article that mention their use of Lean and Six Sigma as applied to the trucking industry:

  • TEC Equipment
  • Paccar Leasing
  • Accuride
  • Southeastern Freight Lines
  • Batesville Logistics, Inc.

You can read the article here.