Please read the following ATO Terms & Conditions carefully before signing as an Authorized Representative for your organization. Failure to comply with the Training Day Equivalents, Minimum ATO Requirements, ISSSP Standards, ISSSP Terms & Conditions and/or Intellectual Property Guide could result in loss of your Accredited Training Organization and/or Organizational Membership status without notification and/or refund of any fees paid to International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP). All information contained within this application will be considered confidential and will only be shared with the ISSSP Accreditation Division, assigned Accreditation Representative, and Accreditation Advisory Committee. Other people or entities may receive limited information needed to perform ISSSP standard business and/or as needed to complete the application process, such as investigators, secret shoppers, etc. The confidentiality of your application is important to ISSSP, and we will only release your information as required to confirm your ATO status, conduct ISSSP daily business or as is required by law.

The International Society of Six Sigma Professionals is a professional membership based 501(c)6 non-profit, operating under the business name ISSSP. The mission of this professional body is to further Six Sigma and Process Improvement as a respected career path. ISSSP grants the status of Accredited Training Organization, herein referred to as ATO, to approved organizations that fall within the positive side of the ISSSP AAC approved ATO Application Review Schematic, which has been developed using the Days Equivalent, Minimum ATO Requirements and ISSSP Standards set-forth by the ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAC) and approved by the ISSSP Board of Directors. In addition, the ATO hereby agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth in this document for as long as the designation of Accredited Training Organization is held.


Terms and Conditions:



1) ISSSP grants the limited right to use and display the ATO designation provided by ISSSP, including the ATO Badge, ATO Certificate, logos and graphics. 2) ATO agrees to use ISSSP Designations, Marks and Badges in compliance with these ATO Terms and Conditions, in conjunction with the Intellectual Property Guide. 3) The ATO agrees to offer courses and training consistent with the application information provided for the term of the accreditation. 4) Written notice is required sixty (60) days prior to making any changes or modifications to the ATO’s Application Information so that ISSSP may review such modifications as it relates to the ATO’s accreditation status. This includes but is not limited to changing a) the number of days for any Yellow Belt, Green Belt, or Black Belt training, b) certification requirements, or c) who qualifies to be an instructor. This list is an example but is not a complete. If you have any questions whether changes need to be approved, please email


Other Terms and Conditions

1) ISSSP Accreditation Training Organization status is issued for one (1) year at a time. Accreditation status may be renewed by submitting the renewal application information with the ATO annual checklist and the annual ATO fee at least thirty (30) days prior to expiration. 2) ATO agrees to maintain an active/in good standing ISSSP Organizational Membership, as long as you are an ISSSP Accredited Training Organization 3) If the ATO is in default of these ATO Terms and Conditions and/or the ISSSP Terms & Conditions, ISSSP shall provide the ATO an email notice of the default. The ATO will have thirty (30) days to comply/resolve said default, or ISSSP may terminate the ATO’s contract, accreditation status, and/or ISSSP Organizational Membership. 4) ATO agrees to immediately stop using all ISSSP Marks and references that imply ISSSP Accreditation upon expiration or termination of contract. 5) The ATO may not assign its Accreditation status to any other entity or individual. 6) The ATO agrees that ISSSP may publicly display the ATO’s information on the ISSSP website and does so at ISSSP’s sole discretion. The listing may include ATO’s website, ATO’s certificate and ATO’s Contact Person, as well as links or other relevant, non-confidential information about the ATO. 7) This document shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas, USA.



1.0. Accredited Training Organization
These terms and conditions form the basis of a contract (“Contract”) through which the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals ("ISSSP", "we" or "us") will evaluate training organizations based on a defined process and schematic (the "Application Review Process") to be listed as an ISSSP Accredited Training Organization (ATO). “You” refers to the training organization applying for accreditation or an ATO completing their annual or 4-year renewal.

Please read this Contract, the ATO Application Process, Days Equivalent, Minimum ATO Requirements, ISSSP Standards, and Intellectual Property Guide carefully before submitting your application to become an ISSSP® Accredited Training Organization. In consideration of us accepting your application to become an ISSSP ATO and allowing you to access the site, promote your ATO status, use the ATO Badge, and other ISSSP logos, you agree to be bound by this Contract and all documents linked within.

1.1. ATO benefits
ISSSP ATO status will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Listing as an ATO under the “Find an ATO” section of the ISSSP website, [](the "Site");
  • Addition of an ATO tab, ATO Badge, ATO Certificate, and Accredited Training Organization designation on your ISSSP Organizational membership page;
  • Ability to use the ISSSP ATO Badge, ISSSP logo, and ATO Certificate for marketing and on your certificates based on the Intellectual Property Guide;
  • List of programs that meet all the ATO criteria listed in the Days Equivalent, Minimum ATO Requirements, and ISSSP Standards accredited training/certification programs on your ATO tab. You may not list programs that do not qualify within this section. However, you may include them in the Products/Services section of your Organizational Membership page.

We reserve the right to change the benefits that apply to ISSSP ATOs at any time without prior notice.

Any external providers of a benefit included which is or may in future be included with your ATO status will have absolute discretion in relation to the provision of services, and ISSSP ATO status does not guarantee that the external provider will accept an application from an ISSSP ATO for the provision of services. We reserve the right to change our external providers without prior notice. Services supplied by an external provider will be subject to the external provider’s own terms, conditions and or contract, and we do not accept any liability for loss or damage suffered as a result of a fault, error or omission in the provision of these services.

2.0. The Accredited Training Organization Contract
To become an ISSSP ATO, follow the instructions by reading the application process. This application is an online process only, where you will have the ability to save your progress for 30 days. After 30 days, your application will be deleted, and you will need to start a new application. Completed applications are saved as part of ATO account information.

When you submit your online application to ISSSP, you are making an offer to ISSSP to be accredited as an ISSSP ATO which, if approved, will result in a legally binding contract.

Upon your annual ATO renewal, your renewal payment and submission of your annual ATO Checklist is confirmation of the continued acceptance of this Contract. Your organizational membership must be active for you to complete the annual ATO renewal process.

As an ISSSP ATO, you warrant and represent to us that the following are and will be true each time that you access or use the Site, Services, Intellectual Property, and/or promote your ATO Status:

  1. You have the requisite power and authority to enter into this Contract on behalf of yourself and to legally bind any organization on whose behalf you are requesting ATO status by submitting an application or renewal;
  2. That you will perform your obligations under this Contract;
  3. There are no circumstances which would prevent this Contract from forming legally binding obligations upon you;
  4. Your performance pursuant to this Contract does not and will not conflict with or breach any agreement, restrictions, or law to which you are subject;
  5. All the information which you submit to ISSSP (including your application) is complete, reliable, accurate, and not misleading in any way; and
  6. That upon request you will provide us promptly with all information that we may require from time to time in connection with your ATO status, and your access to or usage of the Site, Intellectual Property, including supporting documents that may be required for the application or renewal process.
  7. ATOs agree to give ISSSP the right to use your organization's logo and other pictures that might be available on your website, LinkedIn page, or other social media to create a profile page and ATO tab for your organization; you also agree to have your organization's information made public on the ISSSP site.
  8. Organizational members/ATOs that do not create their own profile, agree that an ISSSP team member will create a page for you; ISSSP will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions that might be included on the organization's page.
  9. ATOs will only use the ATO Badge or list training programs as part of their ISSSP ATO status, if they meet the ISSSP Standards, Minimum ATO Requirements, and Day Equivalents. Failure to abide by these conditions could result immediate removal of your ATO status.

3.0. Application Approval and Process
We reserve the right to approve or not to approve your application for ATO status with ISSSP within our sole discretion.

  1. The application process will work as follows:
    1. Complete the application, pay the $750* accreditation fee, which includes your first year of dues, and submit all documents within 30 days of your initial save of the incomplete application. *Your organization will be responsible for any additional costs above and beyond the standard application fee.
    2. Receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.
    3. ISSSP will assign your application to an ISSSP Accreditation Representative.
    4. He/she will perform an initial review of your application to ensure everything is included.
    5. If information is missing, he/she will contact you requesting the necessary information to move forward with the review process. Any missing information must be received within 10 business days of notification, or the application will be rejected. You will then need to re-apply and pay the application fee again.
    6. Application and the organization will undergo a thorough evaluation by the ISSSP Accreditation Representative.
    7. Review process will go beyond the application and documents attached to include a more in-depth look at your organization, training offered, etc. It will include extensive research about your organization, including contacting the provided references, etc.
    8. The in-depth analysis will be based on the Accreditation Advisory Committee's (AAC's) Minimum ATO Requirements, Days Equivalent for Training and ISSSP Standards, as well as the organization's ability to meet the ATO Terms & Conditions. These are the guidelines that will be used for every application.
    9. Once the more in-depth review is complete, the initial checklist will be attached to your account, along with a formal report that is created based on the results of the investigation. The ISSSP Representative may recommend an approval or denial, but the AAC's decision is final.
    10. The formal report and initial checklist will be forward to the AAC, who will approve, deny, or request additional information up to the requirement of an on-site visit at the ATO's expense. The AAC's decision is based on the constraints of these guidelines.
    11. This process may take up to four weeks to complete at which time you will receive a formal email with your certificate attached, if approved, the reason for your denial, or any additional items or further action needed.
    12. Once approved, your Organizational Membership page will be updated to include an ATO tab with basic information, such as a copy of your certificate and your accreditation start and end dates.
    13. If you receive an email asking for any additional information or further action, any requested information must be received within 10 business days. If a meeting or site visit is requested, then the meeting/visit must be scheduled within 10 business days and completed within 30 days (completion is flexible based on the ISSSP Accreditation Representatives' schedule to complete the Site Visit). You will receive a letter with the estimated cost of travel expenses. You may pay choose to pay for any accrued travel expenses, or you may refuse to pay and end the application process. Please note, you will forfeit the application fee and any other fees already paid.
    14. Following the request for additional information by the AAC, the ISSSP Accreditation Representative will begin a second investigation pertaining to the areas highlighted by the AAC. He/She will provide an updated formal report, including any additional information, meeting results, and/or site visit results once the second investigation is complete.
    15. The report and any other information will be forwarded to the AAC for approval or denial.
    16. If the information, meeting and/or site-visit are not received/scheduled within the 10 business day time period and/or your meeting/site visit is not completed within 30 days (completion is flexible based on the ISSSP Accreditation Representatives' schedule to complete the Site Visit), your application will be denied, and you will be required to re-apply and pay the application fee again.
    17. The AAC will have access to the full application, as well as any and all documents, meeting results, and/or site-visit results that the ISSSP Accreditation Representative has.
    18. The AAC will either make the decision to deny your ATO status or request more information up to and including an onsite visit.
    19. If an ISSSP Accreditation Representative feels there is a conflict-of-interest between him/her and the organization under review, he/she is compelled to recuse themselves from the review process and forward the application for review to another representative or directly to the AAC, if no other person is eligible. The new representative or the AAC will complete the process above as per the ATO Application Process.
    20. Once approved, an ATO may use the ATO Badge and ATO Box per the Intellectual Property Guide. Only training/certification programs that meet all of the minimum requirements, daily training equivalents, ISSSP standards, and ATO Terms & Conditions may showcase the appropriate ISSP Mark. In addition, the organization will be listed under Find an ATO? and have the additional ATO tab added to the organizational membership page (which will include a copy of your certificate, your initial approval date, and the end date, as well as an area to list training programs that qualify under your ATO status.) Your organizational membership page will also have the Accredited Training Organization tag added and the official ATO Badge.

    You agree to be bound by this application process, the outcome, and *any added expenses. You understand that the application fee and any other related expenses regarding the review process are nonrefundable. Payment and submission of the application and associated fees is not a guarantee of accreditation approval.

    What if the application is denied, the accreditation is withdrawn, or you are placed on probation?

    The ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee has the final authority to approve, deny, withdraw approval, or place an ATO on probation for failing to meet the ISSSP's Standards, Minimum ATO Requirements, Days Equivalent Standards and/or any other violations, including, but not limited to, the Terms & Conditions, ATO Terms & Conditions, Intellectual Property Guide.

    1. If your organization is denied, you will receive an email informing your organization that the application has been denied and the reason. Your organization will have 30 days to request an appeal.
    2. If this is your first denial, you will have 30 days to request an appeal for a second review by the AAC.

    If your organization is denied or loses accreditation status all application fees and related expenses will be forfeited. All annual (membership and ATO) dues are non-refundable, if you are denied or lose accreditation status. (Remember: Annual ATO fees of $550 are not paid until your second year anniversary as an ATO.)

    If an ATO is placed on probation, the ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee will send an email with the length of the probation listed, as well as the reason(s). You may appeal your probation by submitting evidence that the reason(s) for the probation is unfounded or resolved prior to being placed on probation. Your organization will not show up as an ATO during the probation period, and the ATO badge and designation will be removed from your organization's membership page. At the end of the probation, you will need to submit evidence that the reason(s) listed in the email that prompted the probation have been resolved. Additional problems during the probationary period could result in a revocation of accreditation. The ISSSP Accreditation Advisory Committee may also require the completion of a self checklist or completion of a new application to come off of probation.

    If your accreditation is withdrawn, because of failure to follow the ISSSP standards, Minimum ATO Requirements, Days Equivalent Training Standards, Terms & Conditions, ATO Terms & Conditions, Intellectual Property Guide, or any other serious violation, you will receive an email stating why. In addition, serious violations may also result in the revocation of your ISSSP membership. You will not receive any refunds for money paid by your organization to ISSSP. You may appeal the decision by providing evidence that you have not committed the violation stated in the email. If your accreditation is withdrawn, you must reapply at the full cost and provide evidence that the problem listed has been resolved, unless you are reinstated through the appeal process. Your organization may also need to reinstate their Organizational membership status to access the application, if your membership is also revoked.

    Appeal Process

    You may appeal the decision of the Accreditation Advisory Committee by sending an email with the reason why you disagree with the committee and include all supporting evidence that proves your case. All appeals must be submitted within 15 days of the receipt of the Accreditation Advisory Committee's decision. Extensions may be given, if the committee feels the organization should have more time to gather and provide evidence for their case.

    1. If you request an appeal the AAC may ask the ISSSP Accreditation Representative to initiate a second investigation into the organization, including asking for specific documents that address the reason for denial, and/or scheduling a time for an online meeting/on-site visit. (You will receive an email with a estimated travel cost for any site visit. You may choose to pay the travel expenses and continue your application. You may also choose not to continue your application, at which point you would forfeit any application or other fees associated with your accreditation.
    2. The same process listed above for a second investigation will apply.
    3. Second investigations, regardless of the reason, may take up to 45 days or more to complete (when a site-visit is required based on the ISSSP Representatives' schedule) or two to four weeks without a site-visit requirement.
    4. Following the second investigation, an updated formal report with any new information or results of any meetings, site visits, etc. will be forwarded to the AAC for another review.
    5. The AAC will have access to the full application, as well as any and all documents, meeting results, and/or site-visit results that the ISSSP Accreditation Representative has to offer.
    6. The AAC will either make the decision to deny your ATO status or request more information up to and including an onsite visit. (Your organization will be responsible for any additional costs above and beyond the standard application fee.)
    7. If the review was initiated by a second appeal, the decision will be final.
    8. If your appeal is approved, then as an ATO may use the ATO Badge and ATO Box per the Intellectual Property Guide. Only training/certification programs that meet all of the minimum requirements, daily training equivalents, ISSSP standards, and ATO Terms & Conditions may showcase the appropriate ISSP Mark. In addition, the organization will be listed under Find an ATO? and have the additional ATO tab added to the organizational membership page (which will include a copy of your certificate, your initial approval date, and the end date, as well as an area to list training programs that qualify under your ATO status.) Your organizational membership page will also have the Accredited Training Organization tag added and the official ATO Badge.
    9. If your appeal is also denied, you may repeat the application process after 6 months.

    ISSSP Application Submission

    1. You must be an Organizational member and log into your account to access the ATO application.
    2. The application must be submitted online and in its entirety with application fees paid at the time of submission. You may save your progress and continue your application by going to the link in the MyISSSP drop-down menu. You will have 30 days to complete and submit your application with the accreditation fee. Hard copies of the application are not accepted at this time.
    3. All required documentation, files, etc. must be uploaded and included with the application at time of submission. Failure to include everything could delay your approval or result in a denial.
    4. We recommend saving a copy of the application for your files. You will have an opportunity to print the information before submission.

    A confirmation email will be sent to you after successful submission. If you do not receive an email, please contact us to confirm receipt. We recommend keeping this email for your records.

You agree to be bound by this application process, the outcome, and any added expenses. You understand that the application fee and any other related expenses regarding the review process are nonrefundable. Payment and submission of the application and associated fees is not a guarantee of accreditation approval.

4.0. Processing and Payment
ISSSP Accepts payment via all major credit cards, check drawn on U.S. Bank, or Automated Clearing House payment. We reserve the right to reject any order or purchase at any time.

4.1. Pricing
When you apply for ATO status, you agree to pay the price that is stated at the time you submit your application, as well as the cost for annual dues (if applicable). You also agree that you are eligible to be an ATO. Additional fees may be required during the review process, and you agree to pay those fees, if you wish to continue with your application. If you refuse to pay the additional fees, your application will be denied. There are no refunds of application fees regardless of voluntarily stopping the application process after it has begun.

Discount eligibility, if available, is determined at the time of the order. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. Some discounts may be available to your organization only. Sharing your discount with another organization (without express consent from ISSSP) is a violation of the ATO Terms & Conditions and may result in the denial of your application, and/or removal of your ATO status.

All prices are in United States Dollars, unless otherwise stated.

ISSSP reserves the right to change application prices and annual fees at any time.

4.2 Billing
The application fee is paid, when you submit your completed application through the website. Your annual dues will be paid at the time of your first renewal and must accompany your ATO Annual Checklist. Your ATO approval date is considered the start of your one calendar year. You will be responsible for notifying ISSSP of any changes to your application, etc., which might make you ineligible for ATO status.

ISSSP ATOs will receive notification via the email we have on file at least 30 days in advance of ATO expiration that their annual renewal is coming up. At least two weeks prior to the the annual renewal date, the ATO must complete the renewal process, which includes completing the ATO Annual Checklist form and paying the annual ATO dues. You will receive an electronic receipt to the email address we have on file confirming payment. ATO hereby authorizes ISSSP to charge your credit or debit card for the amount specified.

ISSSP will provide the fee amount required for any additional investigation needs, such as travel expenses for site visits within your ATO status emails. You agree that your card associated with your application will be charged for these expenses, unless you respond stating that you would like to end the accreditation process. You will lose any money paid to date toward the application process.

Should any form of payment be declined or have insufficient funds, the ATO application will not be submitted for review until the full payment has been received. A $35 fee will be charge for any checks or bank payments that come back with insufficient funds. If your application is submitted and you have paid by means other than by credit or debit card and the funds are denied, your application will be rejected.

ISSSP reserves the right to change annual ATO dues. ATOs will receive notification of changes through the ISSSP website and in the annual email renewal notification.

ATOs can log in to their Organizational member profile at to review ATO status and to make any changes to their Organizational profile, as well as completing the annual renewal process. ISSSP reserves the right to add or eliminate functions related to the ATO's benefits, ATO tab, ATO page, etc.

4.3 Unpaid Charges
Failure to pay your annual ATO dues or maintain an active Organizational membership will suspend your ATO status. You may reinstate the status by paying the outstanding balance within 15 business days. After 15 business days, your ATO and/or Organizational membership status will be terminated, and you will be required to reapply for accreditation.

5.0 Cancellation and Refund Policy
All application fees and associated expenses regarding the review process are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your ATO application. Your annual fee to maintain ATO status is non-refundable, unless your renewal checklist application is denied. We will provide a refund within 10 days of purchase, if you choose not to complete your renewal after submitting it or you don't want to appeal the decision. After 10 days, you may cancel your ATO status, but the application fee or annual dues will be forfeited regardless of the reason. In this scenario, your ATO status will be renewed and approved, you would still have ATO status and access to your account for the full year, unless you want your account deleted. Cancellations by ISSSP: We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your ATO status and/or Organizational Membership for any reason, with or without notice and without further obligation. You will not be entitled to a refund in these circumstances. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion.

6.0 Compliance with CAN-SPAM Act

Whether an ISSSP member or not, you agree to abide by the CAN-SPAM Act (15 U.S.C. §§7701-13) when utilizing the Site and contacting other users by email. User may not use the Site to bombard individuals or groups with uninvited commercial email, sexually explicit commercial email or engage in other activities in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, such as, but not limited to: (a) harvesting email addresses from the Site; (b) falsifying or using misleading header information; or (c) using deceptive subject lines. You may not promote your or other’s products or services through uninvited commercial emails or any other means without the express written consent of ISSSP. ISSSP will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages of any kind resulting from your failure to adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act or any other applicable laws.

7.0 Links to Non-ISSSP Websites

The Site may contain links to non-ISSSP websites, which in turn may contain material that has been produced by third parties not affiliated with us. We have no control over those other websites and accept no responsibility or liability for information or content provided on such websites. ISSSP is not responsible for damages allegedly caused by information or materials contained on non-ISSSP websites.




9.0 Modification of Terms and Conditions

ISSSP reserves the right to modify the ATO Terms and Conditions of the Contract by posting the modified terms and conditions on this Site. It is your responsibility to periodically review the Site, and this Contract for revisions. Revisions to terms and conditions on this Site become effective immediately upon posting (the “Effective Date”). If any revisions are not acceptable to you, you must stop using the Services and relinquish your ATO status. Your use of the Services and ATO status after the Effective Date shall constitute your acceptance of such changes. If we make any new products or services available, they will be considered a part of the Services and your use of them will be governed by the terms and conditions of this Contract. You must also comply with any additional terms which apply to third-party content, material, information, software or other services.

ATOs may withdraw from the Contract without penalty if they do not accept any proposed modification and are entitled upon request to a pro-rata refund of annual fees only based on the date of notification of ISSSP at of withdrawal from the Contract.

10.0 Third Parties and Assignability

A person or entity who is not party to these terms and agreement shall not have any rights by, through or under this Contract. This Contract, and your rights, obligations, claims or causes of actions arising thereunder may not be assigned or transferred to any third-party without our express written consent.

11.0 Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is part of and subject to these ATO Terms & Conditions, as well as the ISSSP Terms & Conditions.

12.0 Ownership and Use of ISSSP Intellectual Property

“ISSSP Intellectual Property” refers to all text, graphics, images, trademarks, logos, button icons, programs, software and other data, content, information and materials, tangible and intangible, and all intellectual property rights in and to the same which are owned by ISSSP or licensed to ISSSP by third parties. This includes but is not limited to ISSSP Content and Trademarks.

ISSSP Intellectual Property Guide is owned by ISSSP or licensed to us by our third-party partners. You have no rights in or to such ISSSP Intellectual Property and you agree you will not copy, retransmit, reproduce, publish, create derivative works based upon or otherwise transmit any ISSSP Intellectual Property except as specifically permitted under this Contract and the Intellectual Property Guide for approved ATOs or other agreements between ISSSP and you.

13.0 ISSSP Content

“ISSSP Content” refers to all copyrighted content owned by ISSSP or other copyrighted content owned by third-party partners of ISSSP.

As a courtesy to our customers and members we have posted to the Site certain ISSSP Content. Unless specifically stated otherwise on the Site, or we give you written permission, you shall not use and access, download and copy any ISSSP Content.

13.1 ISSSP Trademarks

“ISSSP Trademark(s) or Mark(s)” refers to all trademarks and service marks owned by ISSSP as defined by 15 U.S.C. § 1127 and/or common law.

The ISSSP Trademarks appearing on this Site may only be used in advertising, publicity or otherwise based on the Intellectual Property Guide. You agree to abide by these guidelines and only use the ATO Badge (per the Intellectual Property Guide) to issue certificates for programs that fit within the Days Equivalent and Minimum ATO Requirements. In addition, you agree to only use the ISSSP Accredited Training Organization Box to promote programs that meet the Days Equivalent and Minimum ATO Requirements. You will not use any ISSSP Trademarks outside of the specific guidelines of the Intellectual Property Guide without ISSSP’s express prior written consent or as granted by specific terms and conditions of other documents defining a relationship between ISSSP and you. You are prohibited from using ISSSP Marks or any names, marks or other materials in a manner that is likely to cause confusion or dilute or damage the reputation or image of ISSSP. You agree you will not alter any ISSSP Mark/Logo in any manner to make it appear that ISSSP is endorsing, sponsoring, authorizing or affiliated with you, your company, or any third party, except as expressly permitted in writing by ISSSP.

14.0 Governing Law, Jurisdiction, Venue, Attorney’s Fees and Expenses

Use of this Site, ATO Status, and this Contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, USA, notwithstanding any conflict-of-law provisions to the contrary. Additionally, Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995, UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods and the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) will not apply to this Agreement. Exclusive venue for any dispute, claim or lawsuit shall be in a court of competent jurisdiction in Travis County, Texas.

If any court of competent jurisdiction decides that any of the provisions of this Contract are invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable to any extent, the terms and conditions will, to that extent only, be severed from the remaining terms, which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by the law.

If any proceeding or action shall be brought to recover any amount under this Contract, or for or on account of any breach hereof, or to enforce or interpret any of the terms, covenants, or conditions of this Contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party, as part of the prevailing party’s costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees, the amount of which shall be fixed by the court and shall be made a part of any award or judgment rendered.

15.0 Information Collection and Use:

ISSSP collects registration, application, circulation qualification, and other information (including e-mail addresses) that you provide to us. This is done to help us provide our customers with the best customer service and valuable information regarding relevant products and services from ISSSP.

16.0 Information Sharing and Disclosure:

Data may be used to update and improve our publications; as well as inform you of important industry news, events, services, and/or products. Occasionally, we may release the data that you provide to third parties that wish to market products/services that may be of interest to you. We do not sell your information. Subscribers may expect to receive no more than four special offers or promotions concerning products or services in their industry by email per month by any third party.

We have procedures in place to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access, data security, and correct use of the information we collect on-line. We will not sell, share, or rent any financial information collected from you, except as necessary to fulfill your order.

17.0 Agreement to Terms & Conditions

Your use of the ISSSP website through browsing, registering for membership, applying for Accredited Training Organization status, accessing your Organizational Membership Page/ATO Tab, contacting us, submitting ideas for webinars, or otherwise providing information is your agreement to all Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. You agree to accept emails and/or phone calls regarding questions, services, or other marketing information, when you provide that information through the ISSSP website.

18.0 Questions, Comments and Concerns

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about accreditation, your application, the review process, etc. please contact ISSSP at

In consideration of us accepting your application to become an ISSSP ATO you and the represented organization agree to be bound by the Day Equivalents, Minimum ATO Requirements, ISSSP Standards, Intellectual Property Guide, the ISSSP ATO Terms & Conditions, and the ISSSP Terms & Conditions. By signing this application, you affirm that: 1) you are authorized to enter into a contract on behalf of your organization; 2) you, your organization and all instructors will abide by ISSSP Days Equivalent for all programs that include a reference to ISSSP, the ISSSP logo and/or ISSSP ATO Badge; 3) your organization will adhere to the Minimum ATO Requirements, ISSSP Standards, Intellectual Property Guide, and Terms & Conditions for both members and ATOs; 4) your organization will maintain an ISSSP Organizational membership as long as the organization retains ATO status; 5) all information within the application is true and complete.



Accredited Advisory Committee (AAC) - A committee made up of at least three volunteers which will provide advise, feedback, and approval of any Accredited Training Provider documents, processes, and requirements. The AAC is also responsible for reviewing ATOs and determining the outcome of applications.

Board of Directors - The ISSSP Board of Directors is made of at least one chairperson and three co-chairs. The Board will make final decisions (keeping the recommendations of Advisory committees, contract employees, members, ATOs, and other individuals working for the betterment of the organization in mind) regarding all ISSSP activities, including, but not limited to, Membership, Webinars, Accreditation, Accredited Training Organization Requirements, and any other expansions ISSSP may pursue in the future.

ATO Approved Courses – Any ATO's courses that meet the Days Equivalent and Minimum ATO Requirements for Six Sigma training and certification.

Authorized Representative – The individual, who is authorized to enter into a contract for the entity applying for accreditation (i.e. this person is authorized to complete the application, acknowledge and accept all Terms and Conditions, as well as any documents contained within, through the use of a digital signature, and submit the completed form with payment for review.)

Application Information – All information and documentation submitted to ISSSP by the ATO during the application process including, but not limited to, company description, course Tables of Content, Delivery Schema, training management systems and instructors.

Certification – Designations given to persons, who successfully complete the Days Equivalent (DEs) training, any tests, and a live project (at the Green Belt and Black Belt) which is mentored by a Master Black Belt. Any program offered for certification must meet the Days Equivalent, Minimum ATO Standards, and ISSSP Standards to be considered an ISSSP ATO Certification. As well as, all standard requirements to be Six Sigma certified based on the standards documented on the certification pages of this site.

Delivery Schema – The manner by which the course material is presented to a student including the amount of classroom time, mentoring time and/or online modules.

ISSSP Marks – The badges, logos and other ISSSP trademarked symbols provided to the ATO for use in displaying their accredited status.

ISSSP Marks Usage Policy – The rules regulating the ATO’s rights in use and presentation of the ISSSP Marks.