Accredited Training Organization FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs)

Once our organization is an ATO, can we co-sponsor 6 Sigma Training courses or programs with other organizations that award Six Sigma certificates or certifications?

Only the ATO can use the ISSSP logo. If your organization is using your materials, under your name at an event, and if you are responsible for ensuring that activities, courses and programs meet all of the ISSSP Standards categories and elements, you may work with another organization and state that you are an ATO. [...]

If our organization is already an ATO, do we need to submit materials for new activities or courses to ISSSP when we create new programs?

No. If your organization is an ATO, you should have internal review processes in place that ensure your programs, current and new, meet the ISSSP Standards, Minimum ATO Requirements, and Day Equivalents for training. ISSSP ATO status is only available for Six Sigma based programs. An outline of new Six Sigma based programs may be [...]

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