Do you have a problem with an objective to maximize, minimize, or perhaps you want to hit a target value?

Is achieving your objective based on the provision of several resources for which there are constraints? Then you have an optimization problem on your hands, which requires mathematical programming. 

But don’t worry. You most likely already have a tool available that has the capability to solve your problem. It resides in Excel and is called Solver. While Solver can be used for very complex problems, this video will show you how to get started with simpler, but important problems.

In the video from Management Information Systems, you will get an introduction to Excel Solver with a basic optimization business problem, how to set up the problem and then solve it.

You can watch the video here. You can find out more about Solver by visiting the relevant Office Support Page.

Finally, there are many other tutorials using Excel Solver on YouTube for a variety of different problems.