Steel is a critical material around the world. Its manufacturing process is improved through the use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. We’ll look at three studies from Pakistan, Brazil, and India. We’ll then finish with a video from Mexico on all aspects of the steel-making process.


Using Six Sigma in Steel Bar Manufacturing: Pakistan


In a paper titled “Optimization of Steel Bar Manufacturing Process Using Six Sigma,” authors Naeem Khawar and others discuss the use of the DMAIC phases to identify the significant factors and their optimal settings for the steel bar manufacturing process.


Included in the paper are:

  • Steel Production Process Map
  • Design Specifications for Steel Bars
  • Control Charts of Mass per Length
  • Process Capability Analysis
  • CTQs Control Chart Results
  • Measurement Analysis Summary
  • Pareto Chart of Scrap Percentage
  • Experimental Design and Analysis
  • Results of Improve Phase

You can read the paper here.


 Applying Lean Six Sigma to Reduce Waste in the Steel Industry: Brazil


In a study titled “Waste Reduction Applying Lean Thinking and Six Sigma Tools in Steel Industry,” authors Vinicius de Souza Moura and others cover the application of Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen to reduce the variability and waste associated with operation interruptions in a steel factory.


The study report includes:

  • Analysis of Production Interruption Records
  • Pareto Analysis to Focus Project
  • Pareto Chart of Finishing Guides
  • Pareto Chart of Reported Problems
  • Strategy, Urgency, and Tendency Matrix to Define Priorities
  • Interruption Results Over Time Due to Project

You can access the study here.


Using Six Sigma to Improve Quality in a Steel Plant: India


In a paper titled “Quality Improvement in Steel Making Plant Using Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology at Essar Steel Ltd. Surat,” author Tanmay V Patel covers the use of Six Sigma to improve the utilization of steel furnace exhaust gases.

The paper includes:

  • Project Charter
  • System Design Condition Data
  • Flue Gas Data
  • Pareto Chart of Absorb Heat by Cooling Water
  • CTQ Tree
  • Process Map
  • Potential Energy of Flue Gas Calculation
  • Cause and Effect Diagram for Waste Heat
  • Cost Comparison of Waste Heat vs Other Energy Sources
  • Advantages of Waste Heat Recovery

You can read the paper here.


The Steel Making Process: Video-Mexico


In an interesting video, Acero AHMSA  details all aspects of the steel-making process.

You can watch the video here.