Commercial candy is eaten all over the world. In the candy industry, Lean and Six Sigma helps make the production more efficient. 

We’ll illustrate this with three candy industry case studies in lollipop production, Hershey’s products distribution, and milk chocolate production. We’ll finish with a video on how various candies are made.

Lean Six Sigma and Lollipop Production

José Daniel Ibarra and other authors showcase how Lean Six Sigma is applied to a lollipop production line in an article titled “A Lean Six Sigma Project to Reduce Waste and Variability in a Confectionery Manufacturing” 

You can access the article here. 

Improving the Efficiency of Hershey’s Distribution

In a dated article titled “With Six Sigma, Hershey's Kisses Errors Goodbye” Hershey’s and Genco collaborate on a six sigma project to improve the efficiency of Genco’s distribution center.

The article can be found here. 

Reducing the Rework in Milk Chocolate Production

In an article titled “Implementation of Six Sigma in a Chocolate Industry: A Case Study of Amul Dairy”, Mavank Dev Singh and other authors document a case study applying Six Sigma to milk chocolate production.

You can access their case study here. 

How Candy is Made

Here’s a fun video from the Food Processing Channel showing how various candies are made starting with KitKats. 

You can watch the video here.