It's a new beginning for the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP), and you will play a bigger part than ever before. We are relaunching ISSSP as a non-profit organization. We want to focus on improving the Six Sigma and Change Management profession for the better. As a nonprofit, we will be looking for ways to ensure that Six Sigma can be a career path rather than another certification program.

We will also be depending on our members more than ever before. Your membership will help us foster Six Sigma professionals, who continue to seek knowledge that improves their capabilities. Your membership will ensure that we can provide webinars, presentations, and white papers that teach the latest techniques. ISSSP will also ask members to volunteer their time as committee members. This is the first Six Sigma/Change Management organization that will be asking its members how we can improve.

There is always uncertainty when you start something new. We hope that the Six Sigma professionals will come together to begin an organization that will be a new beginning for the profession.