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ISSSP offers unlimited educational resources and networking opportunities for the professional organization seeking a bigger platform for their company. By joining ISSSP, a professional organization can provide its staff with opportunities to expand their knowledge through leadership conferences, educational resources, and a lot more!

Provide a competitive advantage for your organization. As a part of the ISSSP community, you can empower your leadership staff with the tools to become a bigger part of the Lean Six Sigma industry, and in turn grow your organization’s brand and presence within the business world.

ISSSP offers Silver, Gold, and Platinum level memberships. Read on to find out more about the benefits!

How Do I Qualify as a Professional Organization?

Your organization provides products and services that support the Lean Six Sigma community.

Membership Benefits

  • Maximize Exposure for Your Brand
  • Increase Growth
  • Contribute to the Lean Six Sigma Community

Professional organizations benefit from the extensive opportunities afforded by being a member of ISSSP. Your organization will gain exposure to individuals at all levels of the Lean Six Sigma profession. All ISSSP members share an interest in Lean Six Sigma and business improvement philosophies, so our goal is to provide an engaging, supportive environment for our community.

Depending on membership level, you'll also have the chance to offer memberships to your employees, who will receive all the benefits of an Individual Professional membership for 1 year, as well as your customers, who receive 3 months of access at the Professional or Associate membership level.

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$500/ year
$1000/ year
$2500/ year
Full access to Resource Library
Company profile listing on the ISSSP website
Included in membership roll
Provide link to company website
Ability to submit webinars to the ISSSP website
Ability to post jobs on the ISSSP website
Access to Video Interviews
Access to Blog
Access to Member Discounts
Ability to list events on website / newsletter
Newsletter sponsorship
Enhanced company profile page with setup support
Enhanced Concierge Profile Setup Service
Ability to purchase blocks of annual memberships at a discounted price Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Ability to offer free Individual memberships50 Professional or Associate memberships (for 6 months)
$20 for each additional member over 50
50% discount for first annual renewal
100 Professional or Associate memberships (for 6 months)
$15 for each additional member over 100
50% discount for first annual renewal
250 Professional or Associate memberships (for 6 months)
$10 for each additional member over 250
50% discount for first annual renewal
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