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Reach new audiences through membership with ISSSP. By joining, your non-profit, government, ISD, or university organization can broaden its reach through participation in leadership conferences.

As part of our overall mission, our goal is to promote best practices throughout the discipline. By bringing together Lean Six Sigma professionals from all over the world, we’re creating a community of like-minded people seeking the knowledge necessary to be at the forefront of quality improvement initiatives. You can become a part of that community, and become a bigger voice in the Lean Six Sigma industry.

ISSSP offers Silver, Gold, and Platinum level memberships. Read on to find out more about the benefits!

How Do I Qualify as a Non-Profit Organization?

Your organization must be a proponent of Lean Six Sigma or other change management with some implementation within the organization. Must be able to provide evidence of tax status.

Membership Benefits

  • Contribute to the Lean Six Sigma Community
  • Partner with Fellow Businesses and Organizations
  • Maximize Brand Exposure

Non-profit, government, ISD and university organizations can benefit from the opportunities afforded by being a member of ISSSP. From students to seasoned professionals, your organization will gain significant exposure to individuals at all levels of the Lean Six Sigma profession. Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial experience for our member organizations.

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$450/ year
$1250/ year
$2250/ year
Full access to Resource Library
Organization profile listing on the ISSSP website
Included in membership roll
Provide link to organization website
Ability to submit webinars to the ISSSP website
Ability to post jobs on the ISSSP website
Access to Video Interviews
Access to Blog
Access to Member Discounts
Ability to purchase blocks of annual memberships at a discounted price Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Ability to list events on website/newsletter
Enhanced company profile page with setup support
Enhanced Concierge Profile Setup Service
Ability to offer free Individual memberships50 Professional, Associate, or Student memberships (for 6 months)
$20 for each additional member over 50
50% discount for first annual renewal
100 Professional, Associate, or Student memberships (for 6 months)
$15 for each additional member over 100
50% discount for first annual renewal
250 Professional, Associate, or Student memberships (for 6 months)
$10 for each additional member over 250
50% discount for first annual renewal
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