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    Patrick Spagon, Ph.D.
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    What does an employer look for in hiring a Certified Black Belt? An exam? Training completed? A successful project? Years of experience?

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    • Mike Carnell
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      I prefer to start with a tool called Predictive Index (PI). We have, over the years collected data on the PI profile that works. There is no single profile that works but there is a profile which gives you a very high probability of success.

      High A – Confidence is generated from within. They know they will be successful because they are doing it.
      B doesn’t have an effect- High B’s are very social, Low B’s are task oriented.
      Low C – Impatient
      Middle to Low D – Average to low sensitivity to criticism

      That is where we like to begin. We prefer people who are of at least average intelligence for obvious reasons. A track record of success because people tend not to follow losers.

      I personally prefer curious people. Someone if you tell them “if you do this then this happens.” I like the person that says “really” and tries it.

      A portfolio of successful projects is nice but most are nonsense. Something they pulled from the internet and they might be able to explain the concept from what they read but if you see a 2 sample t test instead of having a great conversation about 2 sample t test ask them why they didn’t do one way ANOVA. That can be a more interesting discussion. Not a trick question but you might lean if they are superficial or not.

      Walk then through the work area and ask them what they see.

      Just my opinion.

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