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    This discussion forum is an exclusive resource intended to provide an opportunity to interact with other members of the ISSSP community. This resource is designed for those just starting the Lean Six Sigma journey to those with many years of quality experience. Networking with colleagues is a great way to learn from and contribute to the greater Lean Six Sigma community. Before using the discussion forum, please read through the guidelines listed below.

    • Search before posting.
      Often times, the topic or question you would like to post has been previously asked. If a search on your topic or question yields no results, please feel free to post in the appropriate forum.
    • Starting a discussion.
      The best way to encourage forum responses is to post a well thought-out question. Please include as much detail as possible when posting your question.
    • Do not deviate from the topic.
      Keep your replies to the original posted topic or question. Create a new discussion thread for any new topics that come up.
    • Do not abuse the forum or its rules.
      Abuse of forum etiquette and rules will not be tolerated and could result in a member being banned from the forum.
    • Be considerate.
      ISSSP moderators have the right to edit, delete or remove comments and users that are deemed rude or abusive.
    • Do not promote a business or its products and services.
      The ISSSP discussion forum is not an appropriate place to to promote your company or its products and services. Posts that are promotional in nature will be removed by moderators and could result in the member being banned from the forum.
    • Do not post jobs or recruit.
      The forum is not an appropriate place to post job openings or resumes and is not designed for recruitment or head hunting.
    • Be aware of spam.
      Using your email address can make it easy for automated email harvest programs to find you. Instead, use the “name @ domain dot com” format if you would like to post your email address.
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