Lean Six Sigma in the Sugar Industry

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 124 countries produce sugar as of 2022. But it’s used in every country in the world. Lean and Six Sigma help improve sugar production and reduce waste. We’ll look a four applications: two from Indonesia, and one each from Ethiopia, and Thailand. Then we [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Power Plants

Power plants are a necessity of modern life and exist in every country in the world. Lean and Six Sigma help in the operation of the power generated. We’ll look at applications in India, Zimbabwe, and Iceland and finish with a video of how a geothermal power plant works.   Six Sigma Applied to Improve [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Gambling and Casino Business

The U.S. commercial gaming industry revenue in January 2022 reached $4.5 billion*.  While details of exact implementations of Lean and Six Sigma may be proprietary, there is ample evidence that the use of Lean and Six Sigma in the gambling and casino business is alive and well. We’ll look at the use of Lean at [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Glove Industry

Gloves are used around the world for hand protection. As they are made through a series of production processes, Lean and Six Sigma aid in improving quality and reducing wastes. There are many types of gloves. We’ll look at applications for the following types: latex rubber gloves (Thailand and Colombia), golf gloves (Indonesia), and surgical [...]

Lean Six Sigma and Blockchain

Blockchain has been widely discussed. What is blockchain, and where does Lean Six Sigma fit in? First, we’ll hear from two experts about blockchain and its benefits and challenges. Then we’ll hear from two experts on blockchain and its relation to Lean and Six Sigma. Briefly, blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Orthotics and Prosthetics

Orthotics and prosthetics make it possible for millions to live improved lives. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies aid in that regard. We’ll look at three applications: one from Italy and two from the USA. Then we’ll look at a video from Össur in Iceland on making a transtibial socket and reference a short article on [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Wheat Industry

Wheat is an extremely important worldwide product. Over two-thirds of wheat produced is used as food. Wheat provides 20% of the global population’s daily protein intake. However, wheat also has several other uses in paper, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and soap*. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are used to improve wheat production, including harvesting, milling into flour, [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Pesticide Industry

Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are used throughout the world. Lean and Six Sigma aid in their manufacture, application, and distribution. We’ll look at three case studies from Indonesia and finish with a video of a smart pesticide formulation factory in China.   Using Lean Six Sigma to Reduce Waste in Pesticide Production: Indonesia   In [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Vision Care

Eyeglasses are made through a production process. Lean and Six Sigma are used to improve quality in this and many other aspects of vision care, including seeing patients and surgery. We’ll look at applications from Australia, USA: Indiana, Jordan, and Turkey. Then we’ll read some general recommendations for applying Kaizen and 5S in eye care [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Meeting Effectiveness and Event Management

Meetings and events require careful planning and management to be effective. Lean and Six Sigma can aid in that goal. We’ll look at guidelines for effective meetings, Lean’s contribution to effective meetings, and using Six Sigma to run an event. Then we’ll finish with a video of the five Ps for effective meetings.   Guidelines [...]

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