Cause and Effect Diagrams Follow On

There are many articles on constructing a cause-and-effect diagram. But what’s next? How do you prioritize what to focus on first? There are many approaches to this usually termed cause and effect analysis. We’ll focus on four examples ordered from the simplest to the more complex.   Simple Approach to Analyzing Cause and Effect Diagrams: [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Steel Industry

Steel is a critical material around the world. Its manufacturing process is improved through the use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. We’ll look at three studies from Pakistan, Brazil, and India. We’ll then finish with a video from Mexico on all aspects of the steel-making process.   Using Six Sigma in Steel Bar Manufacturing: [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Plumbing and Pipe Industry

Plumbing and pipes are used everywhere in the world in a myriad of applications, including water, sewage, and chemicals. Lean and Six Sigma are used to ensure improved processes and products. We’ll look at three applications from Kuwait, Bangladesh, and the United States. Then we’ll finish with a video of how PVC pipes are made. [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Mobile Phone Industry

Mobile phones are used in every country in the world. Lean and Six Sigma help in their production and distribution. We’ll look at three case studies from India, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil. We’ll finish with a video of how Samsung smartphones are made.   Applying Six Sigma DMAIC to Reduce Mobile Phone Soldering Defects: [...]

Lean Six Sigma in the Fertilizer Industry

Fertilizer is used around the world to grow crops and other plants. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies help to improve production processes and reduce waste. We’ll look at case studies from Brazil, Indonesia, and India and finish with a video of how organic fertilizer is made. Lean Manufacturing Applied to Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturing: Brazil In [...]

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Lean Six Sigma in the Apparel Industry

Everyone wears apparel. We would expect the apparel manufacturing market to be large. In fact, according to IBISWorld, the global apparel manufacturing market size reached $825.7 billion in 2021*. Lean and Six Sigma applications in the industry serve to improve processes, reduce defects and waste. We’ll take a look at several cases focusing on the [...]

Lean Six Sigma in Semiconductor Manufacturing

As a highly technical collection of multiple processes, each with a large number of steps, semiconductor manufacturing is a fertile ground for applying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to reduce defects, improve flow, reduce wastes, and optimize processes. We’ll look at the successful applications in three case studies and finish with a video of how [...]

Lean and Six Sigma in the Meat Processing Industry

Meat products continue to be in demand in much of the world. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies help supply that demand with higher quality, timely production, and lower waste. We’ll look at applications of Lean in the UK and Turkey and the results of Six Sigma application in the USA in Delaware, and finish with [...]

The Reverse Fishbone Diagram

We’re very familiar with the Fishbone Diagram (Cause and Effect Diagram), also known as the Ishikawa Diagram, whereby we analyze the potential causes of a given effect. We will look at the Reverse Fishbone Diagram which is used to analyze the impacts of a change. Other names for the Reverse Fishbone Diagram include: Backward Fishbone [...]

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