Webinar: Optimization with Multiple Responses

Optimization with Multiple Responses (or Multiple Response Optimization) is used when there are multiple responses of interest in a designed experiment or regression analysis of historical data. The desirability method of Derringer and Suich is powerful, flexible and well proven to help the practitioner make the trade-offs necessary in such a case. We will introduce the method, optimization options, bake a robust cake and study the effect of washing treatment on the quality of minced mullet fish.


  • Desirability
  • Alternatives to Desirability
  • Multistart Nelder-Mead
  • Optimize Options
  • Example: Robust Cake
  • Example: Quality of Minced Mullet Fish
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John Noguera
John Noguera

About John Noguera

John Noguera is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SigmaXL, Inc., a leading provider of user-friendly Excel add-ins for Lean Six Sigma tools, statistical & graphical analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. He leads the development of SigmaXL and DiscoverSim with a passion for ease-of-use, practical & powerful features, and statistical accuracy. John is a certified Six Sigma master black belt and was an instructor at Motorola University. He has authored conference papers on Statistical Process Control and Six-Sigma Quality and is a contributing author in the Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability (Wiley).