The following is a detailed guide to help you with creating and managing your public profile on ISSSP. This page is intended to give you an overview of each section available to you on your profile.

There are 6 tabs for you to update your profile. We’ve provided a brief intro of each section. The tabs are listed below:


This tab contains general information about you. You can navigate, change and update certain fields such as Name, Email, About, etc. You can also find the following underneath the Profile tab:

This part of the profile makes it easier for you to view general information about your profile, and allows to review what is shown to other ISSSP members. All the information you provide while registering or editing your profile shows up under the View section.

In this section, you can add or update your information. Complete your profile and click on Save Changes when you are done.
This part of the profile helps you set up your avatar that shows whenever your profile loads up. Adding a profile picture also establishes an identity to your profile. Navigate to

Profile » Change Profile Photo » Click on 'Select Your File' » Open Photo » Crop Image

That’s it, you’re done!

This part of the profile helps you set up a cover image for your profile. You can be creative with your cover image. The image should be larger than 1100 px wide and 225 px tall. To add a cover image, click on Select Your File and Open / Choose a photo. You can also delete the cover image by clicking on Delete My Cover Image.
ISSSP Member Profile — Profile Tab

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ISSSP Member Profile — Notifications Tab

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This part of the profile is where you should go whenever you wish to check your notifications. These notifications are similar to those seen on other social media platforms. We have provided you an easy way to check your notifications:

To see unread notifications, go to

Notification » Unread » Select from dropdown Newest First or Oldest First

To see read notifications, go to

Notification » Read » Select from dropdown Newest First or Oldest First


This tab enables you to discuss topics relevant to quality or process improvement, and gives you the ability to start a discussion. Starting a forum is a great way to interact with other members. Within this tab, you have the following options:

All the discussion topics that you have started will be listed under this section.

If you are having a discussion in the comments section of a forum and you wish to reference your replies, you’ll be able to see those replies automatically listed.

If you are having a discussion on a forum, you might want to save the forum to reference later. This part of Forums allows you to save every research topic or forum that you want to revisit.

ISSSP forums also offer you the ability to subscribe to a certain forum or topic, so whenever there is an update, you get notified. Under the Subscribed Topics and Subscribed Forums tabs, you can easily access your subscribed topics and forums so you don’t have to search individually for each topic.

ISSSP Member Profile — Forums Tab

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ISSSP Member Profile — Resources Tab

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My Resources

This tab lists all the resources that you submitted to ISSSP and were approved by our internal review team. This handy tab allows you to review and access your own presentations, webinars and other resources that you contributed to the community.


From Mentions to Favorites to Personal, this tab carefully monitors your activities over time and shows all recent updates on your profile. This tab will show you all your engagement with others in the ISSSP community.

From changing your profile photo to updating your email address, every detail is visible here. You can also Comment on, Favorite or Delete that activity.

Your fellow members may want to mention you, either in a discussion or a forum. This section allows you to see who mentioned you and when. To check this, go to

Activity » Mentions » Select from dropdown Topics or Replies

To see how well your favorite forums or topic discussions have been doing over time, you can always revisit by clicking on the Favorite field. This ensures that you never miss a chance to engage on your favorite topics and discussions.

ISSSP Member Profile — Activity Tab

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ISSSP Member Profile — Settings Tab

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When you spend time visiting your profile, you may want to make some changes to it as well. This tab gives you the opportunity to change certain settings such as passwords, profile visibility, etc. But how exactly do you work with settings? Let’s show you how!

In case your password is ever compromised, no need to worry as you can always change your password. To change your account’s password, just fill in the details and follow these steps and you’re good to go.

Current Password » Account Email » Change Password » Repeat New Password

and click on Save Changes.

If you ever decide to stop receiving notifications in your email inbox, we give you that ability as well. To change your notification settings, you can just click on either Yes or No and Save Changes.

This gives you the option to choose the visibility of the fields available on your profile from Everyone to Only Me to All Members. To accomplish this, simply select an option from the dropdown menu, located on the right of each field of Basic Details and Additional Info.

If for any reason you feel the need to delete your account, all you have to do is select the checkbox I understand the consequences and click on Delete Account. This will delete your account, and you will not be able to recover the content.