Webinar: Deployment Planning: The Key to Sustainable Transformation

Business transformation is a strategy to keep an organization competitive in today’s fast moving global economy. We operationalize transformation through a skill set called deployments. Unfortunately 70 percent 1 of those initiatives fail. In the business application we refer to this operationalization as a deployment, the execution of a plan. These deployment plans are much wider in scope than the typical project or program implementation created in the past. The difference being that these are enterprise wide plans that must be developed and implemented to successfully accomplish a transformation.

The webinar will focus on your roadmap to transformation. We will cover topics such as:

  • Creating organization alignment as we shift people from a project/program focus to an organization based focus
  • Identification of core competencies and key products
  • Leveraging High Performance Teams
  • Initiative integration
  • Accuracy and precision of data used for performance measurements

These deployments are the foundation for the transformation, i.e. change. It is absolutely critical to the success and sustainability of the transformation to have a well-planned and executed deployment. With the current 70 percent failure rate, it is no wonder sustainability and transformation success are perceived as a complete enigma.

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Mike Carnell
Mike Carnell
Gary Cone
Gary Cone

About Mike Carnell

Mike Carnell is an internationally recognized and widely publicized thought leader, serial entrepreneur, author, educator, and consultant in continuous sustainable improvement. He is a partner with Black Swan Response that specializes in helping businesses recover from unplanned disruptive events. He is also the founder and president of three full-service Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise firms CS International, Six Sigma International, and Six Sigma Applications. As an accomplished speaker and published author, Mike is considered a subject matter expert in business excellence and sustainable improvement. His first book, “Leaning into Six Sigma,” written in parable format, covers the subject of integrating Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma.

He began his career in the continuous improvement disciplines in the early 1980's while employed at Motorola. His twelve years of process improvement success at Motorola secured his selection as one of the lead architects of Allied Signal’s and General Electric’s Six Sigma deployments, now considered global benchmarks for continuous improvement initiatives worldwide. His 37 years in deployments makes him one of the most experienced Six Sigma and business improvement practitioners in the industry today.

Mike holds a BS from Arizona State University, Member of the ASU Alumni Association, and a lifetime member of the National Honor Society.

About Gary Cone

Gary Cone is known to friends and colleagues as “the Godfather of Six Sigma.” He drafted the first roadmap of tools at Motorola and was one of the four people who launched the Six Sigma revolution in the business world, beginning at AlliedSignal in 1994, where he was personally responsible for leading the deployment in the $6 billion automotive sector. He is the only one of the original four who is still actively engaged in serving clients, transferring his vast knowledge to anyone willing to learn and providing executive coaching to GPS clients.

Gary has more than 30 years of experience achieving business performance improvement, successfully employing and adapting his knowledge of Business and Quality Systems, Strategy Deployment, Lean Methods, and Six Sigma Tools. In addition to working with a broad range of Fortune 100 companies, originally as one of the founders of Six Sigma International and now GPS, Gary has a rich business heritage, having held executive and senior management positions with Zenith Data Systems, Compaq and NCR.

In co-founding Global Productivity Solutions in 2000, Gary was determined to become the best implementers of productivity improvement to achieve breakthrough performance and sustainable results. He received his MBA from Vanderbilt University and his bachelor’s degree in industrial systems from the University of South Florida.