Abstract background

Certification vs. Certificate

Six Sigma Certification

Certification is offered for those professionals with experience and who have demonstrated knowledge, skills and experience in topics covered by the applicable Body of Knowledge

The Six Sigma Certification acknowledged by ISSSP validates an individual’s mastery and competency in the application of the material covered by the Body of Knowledge to the level certified. Six Sigma Certification requires that an individual demonstrate both practical and academic knowledge. Practical knowledge will be accessed through the review of actual project work and response to essay type questions. Academic knowledge will be accessed through evidence of course completion at the level of desired certification and through multiple choice questions.

Certifications are valid for a period of three years and require demonstration of work and continuing education in one of more of the topics covered by the Body of Knowledge.



Certificates are awarded to those individuals who have obtained but not had the opportunity to apply the knowledge covered by the body of knowledge but who have successfully completed a training program and can demonstrate an understanding of the material covered. Certificates are issued to students who can demonstrate completion of a relevant training programs and in some cases pass a multiple choice exam on the relevant Body of Knowledge.