Abstract background

History of ISSSP a Lean Six Sigma Community

ISSSP was founded in 1997 in Scottsdale, Arizona in response to the unprecedented growth and adoption of Six Sigma. While general quality management organizations had been prevalent during this time, there was a noticeable need for an organization that spoke to the specific issues of the practice of Six Sigma. Our Lean Six Sigma community is designed to set Global Standards for the industry.

The History Behind ISSSP – A Lean Six Sigma Community

During its early years, ISSSP honed its membership offerings for a Lean Six Sigma community of complimentary members representing more than 12,000 professionals. Information gathering and communications served as the focus of this early period, through which the enduring ISSSP mission and value offering would be developed.

ISSSP identified four different market segments within the Lean Six Sigma community: those interested in learning more about Lean and Six Sigma, individuals using the Lean Six Sigma methodology in their jobs, solution and service providers, and companies deploying Lean and Six Sigma. With this identification came a suite of valuable offerings unique to each market segment.

Over the years, ISSSP continued to hone its program offerings to meet the growing demands of not only Six Sigma but other complementary process excellence tools and methodologies. The integration of Lean with Six Sigma is just one example of how ISSSP has kept of with the development of implementing complementary processes.

Today, ISSSP boasts a dynamic Lean Six Sigma community of individual members, corporations, solution and service providers, as well as educational institutions from around the world. The future of ISSSP is to develop a Global Standard that can be used to create quality training and certification programs.

This is something that is long overdue, as the popularity of Six Sigma has continued to increase more individuals are receiving training and certification that is subpar. By creating a Global Standard, ISSSP hopes to establish a minimum criteria that training and certification providers can go by to ensure Six Sigma remains a valuable and well-respected tool.

In an effort to create an organization that is unbiased, ISSSP is taking the steps necessary to be the true Global Standard Organization for Six Sigma by applying for non-profit status. We look forward to focusing on enhancing the Six Sigma community.